Thursday, January 14, 2021

New Year, New Me: Healthier Ways In Managing Work Stress


We have done many ways in managing work stress. However, what we usually fail to realize is that we might be doing it the wrong way. Several studies have found that most people are managing stress in unhealthy ways (e.g., drank, binged on unhealthy food, smoked, used drugs, or isolate themselves socially). Having this in mind is our first step in effectively managing stress. To make us more productive and engaged this 2021, here are healthier ways in managing work stress that are highly recommended by doctors and psychologists.

1) Begin every day by taking just 10 minutes to plan and prioritize a realistic set of targets.

2) Keep track of your stress through the day. Use a Stress Diary to take note of where stressful events happened, who you were with, and how you reacted. Identify situations to avoid in the future, and cultivate healthy coping mechanisms.

3) Have "no-work" times in your schedule. Plan in advance, turn off phone, don't check email and put work out of your mind.

4) Use time off to the full take annual leave and make your holidays and weekend periods of recharging and recovery.

5) Use relaxation techniques such as exercise, yoga and meditation.

6) Get support from any health and safety or HR Department to make sure your workplace is safe and comfortable.

7) Don't try to control the uncontrollable. Company structures and colleagues' personalities are outside of your control so don't exhaust yourself obsessing about it.

8) Avoid Perfectionism. If the work is done and adequate, don't push yourself to do more.

9) Find the funny side. Laughing at a situation helps a lot too.

10) Appreciate the positive. Try to focus on pride in your own work, your workmates good points, and anything that keeps you seeing the brighter side of things.


Again, what is important is to identify your unhealthy ways and commit to a healthier way of managing work stress, and applying these tips are for sure a great starting point. Now more than ever, as the pandemic is still present, prioritizing your health is the best way to start the new year. Knowing that you are much more than your work and giving an appropriate amount of your time and energy to work is important to establishing a healthy work-life balance.


Reference: T. L. Lindquist et al, “Influence of lifestyle, coping and job stress on blood pressure”, Hypertension (1997); “A Passion for Work-Life Balance”, Robert Half (2016).


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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

CLG Head Retains LinkedIn's Top 100 Filipinos Spot

Circa Logica Group CEO & Managing Partner, Mikel Leroi Balansag, retained his spot on the Top 100 Filipinos To Follow On LinkedIn For Inspiration and Learning, sitting at the 30th spot, up by 8 levels from 2019's list.

The list provides iconic Filipinos to follow on LinkedIn published by Marketing In Asia, a Malaysia-based online op-ed magazine aimed to empower millions of Asian brands and professionals.

"Now, more than ever, Filipinos who continue to show up for the community on LinkedIn despite all the challenges deserve to be recognized.
"During these challenging times, this collective effort of showing up for the Filipino LinkedIn community is super valuable to the point that it can actually help “save” other people’s lives on so many levels.
"They are the ones, who, in the face of job losses, businesses shutting down and tough times this year, choose to show up, educate, share insights, learn from others, inspire the community and spread hope and positivity."

"2020 was a tough year due to the pandemic affecting all organizations. HR practitioners are expected to step up and serve as corporate frontliners ensuring business resiliency and continuity. Through Linkedin and various online platforms, we were able to help the HR community understand the ins and outs of navigating through the pandemic yielding amazing results," says Balansag.

Balansag is also a finalist for Most Engaging Posts on Linkedin In 2020 enumerated in the same article.