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Becoming a Globally-Certified HR

As the role of the human resource continues to become more critical to accelerating economic growth through business success, and improving the lives of employees, the change aligned CPHR® and the member associations to be stronger together. The global association of HR maintains one designation: Chartered Professional in Human Resources as our standard of quality.

Employees in every organization are its most competitive advantage and highly important resource. Being a Chartered Professional in Human Resources or CPHR® ensures good management of employees which is crucial to attain organizational objectives and reach financial trajectory. CPHR® is a globally recognized designation achieved by human resource professionals and people managers

There are many contemporary challenges associated with HRM. I t is up to everyone in the organization to contain costs. HR leaders need to look at their individual departments and demonstrate the necessity and value of their functions to the organization. HR leaders can also help
contain costs in several ways, such as managing benefits plans and compensation and providing training.

Human resource managers need many different types of skills. Being able to organize, multitask, and communicate effectively, as well as having specific job skills, such as how to run a particular computer program, and a sense of fairness and ethics is crucial to a successful career in HRM.

Awareness of the changes in the economy allows the human resource manager to adequately plan for reductions and additions to the workforce. The aging and changing workforce is the final factor. As baby boomers retire, there likely will not be enough people to replace them, and many of the skills the baby boomers have may be lost. In addition, having to work with multiple generations at once can create challenges as different expectations and needs arise from multigenerational workforces.

CPHR® is an intensive two-day learning program for HR leaders and people managers

What to Expect: 
  • 13 extensive modules are discussed during the program including:
    • The Role of Human Resources
    • Developing and Implementing Strategic HRM Plans
    • Diversity and Multiculturalism
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Retention and Motivation
    • Training and Development
    • Successful Employee Communication
    • Managing Employee Performance
    • Employee Assessment
    • Working with Labor Unions
    • Safety and Health at Work
    • International HRM
  • During the program, participants will learn how to carry out hiring processes and how to develop adequate compensation with the development of a salary policy, social benefits, and contracts. 
  • Participants will learn and practice how to develop an HR strategy and guidelines, how to develop procedures for job evaluations, promotions, and training programs for the workforce. Particular emphasis is placed on managing intercultural and gender issues.
  • Participants will learn how to develop a plan for HR development, how to communicate HR strategies with employees effectively and how to manage stress and conflict.
  • During the program, real-life HR issues and experiences are discussed and shared to develop the participant’s knowledge, skills, and mindsets on HR Management. 
  • Participants will gain hands-on experience in the actual preparation, building, and implementation of an HR policy.

How to become CPHR®?
  • Apply for Program Qualification
    • Send an updated and comprehensive resume with photo to for evaluation based on function and/or educational background. Evaluation is free of charge:
      • AVP/VP/SVP or above handling Managers, Directors, or above
      • Managerial Role for at least 3 years
      • Supervisory Role for at least 5 years
      • Master’s Degree Holders
      • Bachelor’s Degree Holders with 1 year of HR experience
      • Associate’s Degree Holders with 3 years of HR experience
      • High School Graduate with at least 5 years of HR experience
  • Attend and complete the CPHR® Intensive Learning Program. Schedules can be found on the CPHR Philippines website.
  • Pass the CPHRP® Licensure Examination (Global Knowledge Assessment® or GKE)
    • Candidates with at least 3 years managerial in human resources may apply for exemption
  • Agree to follow the CPHR® Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.

Why become CPHR®?

CPHRs are proven to have unique expertise and the experience to meet the challenges of today’s workforce. The standards we have set and the quality we deliver through CPHR® is second to none in the world. We have established consistent requirements for certification and continuing professional development and a global Code of Conduct. We are moving together toward self-regulation in a group that aligns with our requirements.

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources are uniquely qualified to achieve business goals. With proven expertise across key business metrics, every CPHR® has the knowledge and the experience to address the factors that underpin the degree of immediate and long-term success.
  • CPHR® is a globally-recognized designation for HR Professionals and people managers awarded directly by CPHR/CAHR United Kingdom. Members of CPHR® are eligible to apply and be recognized for the following HR Institutes:

    • Canada
    • Singapore
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Hong Kong

  • Use of the CPHR® post-nominal after your name on your business card and resume
  • Resource e-news - stay up to date on the latest developments in the HR profession via fortnightly e-newsletter
  • Exclusive Facebook and LinkedIn group - join the conversation and share your ideas and knowledge with over 5,000 HR Professionals in the Philippines.
  • eLearning - enjoy member rates to all specialized HR online training courses
  • Professional development - receive member rates research reports on key HR topics

When is CPHR® Intensive Learning Program
  • To view the next assembly schedules in your area, please visit the CPHR Philippines website.
  • Inquire at the CPHR Philippines Secretariat at or 0917 968 5750

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